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4020 at Anchor Inn Okay - here's proof! The FortyTwenty boys are electrifying (or crazy!) and you can see it HERE!. Earlier this month at the Anchor Inn in Omaha, they debuted a fantastic light show, uh, er, lightening show, courtesy of Mother Nature and the Thunderstorms! Unfortunately David Allen Coe decided to take his money and leave and missed the whole show - all without playing a note! FortyTwenty continued the show inside acoustically as the establishment did not provide sound inside - but the boys still rocked! (Rumor has it that they did it all for free.) Mr Coe - you missed a great opportunity to jam with a great bunch of very talented musicians AND make your fans happy and perhaps even create some new ones. I know the 4020 band did!

FortyTwenty, the band - not the tractor! Click here to see pictures from yet another memorable evening with FortyTwenty, at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, IA. They always get the house rockin!!

FortyTwenty put on a major CD Release Hulaballoo for their second CD, Sober and Stupid, at Duffy's in Lincoln on January 15, 2005. It was a fantastic show and a great time. Thanks guys, for another rootin'-tootin' evening! See slide show here!

4020Contact them for more information and booking inquires. Find photos and sound clips on their home site -!

Reminiscences, an anthology album by Paul and Eula Johnson
"I just looked everywhere for the music of the song, Let Me Touch Him, because I wanted to sing it. Then a wonderful thing happened. I met Eula, and the Lord has given her the talent of playing without the music. I married her and we have been singing together ever since. That's how it all started. We had lost out first mates and the Lord led us together".
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